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This programme was scheduled according to British Summer Time (BST),

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All times are British Summer Time (BST)

Sunday 28th August 2022


Welcome to WOPM 2022!

9.10-9.40  Svenja Knappe
FieldLine Medical Inc
Towards a commercial high-density full-head OPMMEG system
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9.40-10.00 Vishal Shah
QuSpin, Inc.
Hybrid Scalar-Triaxial Atomic Magnetometer 
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10.00-10.20 Niall Holmes 
University of Nottingham
The matrix coil: reconfigurable active shielding
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10.20-10.40 Yu Zheng
Chinese Academy of Sciences
A preliminary study of magnetic field noise suppression method towards the moving magnetoencephalography
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Rachel Dawson
University of Strathclyde

Compact Portable SERF Sensor for MEG 
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Coffee Break

11.30-12.00  Thomas Coussens
University of Sussex
Open circuit current density imaging of lithium-ion batteries using SERF OPMs 
12.00-12.20 Katrijn Everaert 
Ghent University / PTB
A tabletop Optically Pumped Magnetometer setup for the monitoring of magnetic nanoparticle clustering with Thermal Noise Magnetometry
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12.20-12.40 Michael Tayler
ICFO - Institute of Photonic Sciences
Mass-producible miniature atomic vapor sensors
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12.40-13.00 Rujie Li
The University of Adelaide
Enhancing the sensitivity of an NMOR magnetometer


Lunch and Posters

15.00-15.30 Benjamin Maddox
University College London
Electromagnetic Induction Imaging with Atomic Magnetometers in Real-World Scenarios 
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15.30-15.50 Philipp Rößner
Technical University Munich
A highly drift-stable atomic magnetometer for fundamental physics experiments 
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15.50-16.10 Allan McWilliam
University of Strathclyde
Accurate and precise magnetometry using Cs MEMS cells using a dual-beam configuration
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Coffee Break

16.40-17.00 Thanmay Menon
University of Colorado Boulder
Rabi Vector Magnetometry Implemented with Hot Alkali Vapor
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17.00-17.20 Siqi Liu
University of Science and Technology of China
Low-temperature compact atomic vector magnetometer for highly sensitive and stable weak field detection
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17.20-17.40 Yongqi Shi
University of Basel
Atomic vapor cell-based microwave spectrum analyzer with 1GHz instantaneous analysis bandwidth
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Berkeley: PDT (BST - 8)
New York: EDT (BST- 5)
Barcelona/Mainz/Krakow: CEST  (BST + 1) 
Beijing: CST (BST+7)
Tokyo: JST (BST+8)