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WOPM-2021: 4th – 5th October 2021

We are pleased to announce that plans for WOPM 2021 are underway. It will again be an online meeting, but slightly larger than the very successful micro-WOPM organised last year.  The focus will be set on novel concepts, visionary ideas and community supporting presentations. Even with the improving circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic the unreliable nature of international travel in these uncertain times means that it was not felt that we could go ahead with the planned physical meeting in Birmingham. 

We are keen to encourage the OPM community to engage with WOPM 2021 and use the meeting to support and strengthen the field locally throughout the world. The gap between sessions or indeed before and after for time zones further afield provide an opportunity for local activities to take place, for example in-person poster sessions and additional presentations from attendees at a host institution. By way of example, we hope to be able to invite colleagues that can travel without restrictions to an impromptu event hosted at the University of Strathclyde that will connect the online presentations to local participants, as a way of bringing the local WOPM community together. We would like to encourage others to support their community in a similar manner to the extent permitted by their local restrictions and institutions. Please inform us if you have plans to host such an event and we can advertise this to the rest of the WOPM community.