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WOPM-2017 will be held in the building PER21 (Boulevard de Pérolles 90) of the Pérolles II campus of the University of Fribourg (yellow circle on the map). The talks will be given in the auditoirium A120 (first floor, left-most auditorium). Poster sessions and Coffee breaks will take place in front of this auditorium.



All talks have been given 20 minutes (including discussion) and the chairpersons will be very strict in reinforcing this time frame. Do not forget that you will be speaking in front of specialists, so that there is no need for general introductions and statements on why your research is so valuable for humanity ;-)



The posters will be up for the whole duration of the workshop, and we ask the presenters to be near their posters during the official poster sessions. Our poster boards are made to hold up to A0-size posters in portrait orientation. Please prepare your contributions accordingly.


The registration desk:

During WOPM (i.e. on Monday and Tuesday) near the auditorium A120

Early registration is possible on Sunday 5 to 7 PM in the Physics building marked by the red circle.

Please note that you have to pay 100 EUR in cash at the registration desk. NO CREDITCARDS! NO OTHER CURRENCY!